The EA Youth Innovation Forum will host both a Virtual and Onsite Exhibition, the latter will be reserved for the short-listed Youth Innovator finalists, partners and sponsors.

However, Virtual Live Booths on the virtual platform, FLOOR, are available for interested organisations or establishments on application. There is no cost for Virtual Booths.

The 3D Live Booth will allow you to conduct one-on-one meetings with your potential business partners, vendors, customers – online – just like you would at a venue. You can enable up to 10 separate face-to-face meeting rooms for Exhibitors and staff. A maximum of eight people can enter a room, including one staff member.

A Waiting Room feature (of which there is no limit) is a lounge outside your Meeting space where people can queue to meet you. You can invite attendees to your booth by sending them direct messages. Attendees can book appointments to meet on virtually – you just need to make sure someone is attending your booth at all times.

Videos and brochures can be uploaded on your Virtual Live Booth for the duration of the conference.
All exhibitors will receive training on How to Manage Live Booths. If you are interested to learn more, kindly email the Event Organiser.

Closing date for Virtual Booth Reservations is Friday, 4 November 2022.