The East African Science and Technology Commission (EASTECO) is organizing the first Youth Innovation Forum and associated Presidential Innovation Awards in November 2022. The Forum will offer a platform to catalyse the effective engagement of young people in steering the course of future developments within the East African Community (EAC) through innovations.

The Forum will bring together young researchers, developers and innovators, entrepreneurs, finance actors, academia and public policy makers to discuss the regional situation and latest trends in research and development as well as innovation and product development. It will also help participants to understand the challenges that the youth in the region face in advancing their talent in technological development, in addition to the opportunities available for innovation in the regional marketplace and globally.

The Youth Innovation Forum will feature presidential awards that seek to recognize outstanding applications developed by East African youth as well as outstanding youth innovators that are enabling the local innovation eco-system. The goal is to create a regional platform that will stimulate and support young innovators in generating scientific and technological innovative solutions to social needs and to meet market demand.

The forum will create a regional platform which shall encourage young innovators to generate technology and business innovative solutions that are relevant to social needs and that address market demand. The Youth Innovation Forum will enable the youth to create social enterprises that aim to cure social problems through innovative practices. It is aimed at empowering youngsters to steer their own initiatives and contribute to the building of a prosperous and independent society.



The objective of the East African Youth Innovation Forum is to identify and support relevant youth innovations regionally and to build capacity in entrepreneurship skills that addresses socio-economic challenges in the EAC region.

This will involve: Identifying and supporting talented youth innovators in developing scientific and technological solutions for societal needs; providing an innovative space for nurturing talent and accelerating start-ups; providing entrepreneurship skills for youth creativity and job creation through capacity building; creating a platform (web-portal) for interlinking an ecosystem of young innovators with industry, academia and the private sector; creating a Presidential Innovation Awards scheme for the youth with outstanding innovations; and creating a forum for highlighting success stories of home-grown innovations, best practice, methods and concepts.

Functions of Regional East African Youth Innovation Forum:
Unlocking Youth Development potential through Innovations


To maintain a vibrant environment that promotes youth innovation and entrepreneurship throughout East Africa for effective regional development and integration.


To increase active participation by the youth in the development process through creating a regional platform that will stimulate and support young innovators in generating scientific and technological innovative solutions to social needs and to meet market demand.

The East African Youth Innovation Forum will engage in the following activities:

  • Regional selection of innovators
  • Entrepreneurship skills programme
  • Regional database of innovators and mentors
  • Youth mentorship for commercialization of innovations
  • Innovators pitching programme
  • East African Youth Innovation Conference
  • Presidential Innovation Awards