Innovations Award Criteria

Selection of Youth Innovators

The East African Youth Innovators will be selected competitively from the 6 EAC countries and in two phases. In the first phase, through the National Councils/Commissions of Science, Technology and Innovation in each partner states, 10 best talented innovators will be selected from each country.

The Youth innovation programme will be advertised in the media in each partner state and on EAC and EASTECO website calling for application submissions online from eligible young innovators (in two categories 12-18 years of age and 18-35 years of age) in the 10 priority themes/categories (Agriculture, Health, Education, Climate Change and Environment , ICT mobile applications, Energy and Infrastructure, Industrialization and Trade, Aeronautics and Space Technology, Financial Services, Media and Entertainment). The National Steering Committee chaired by National Council of Science and Technology in each partner state will appoint a national panel of experts to evaluate the best innovators in their respective countries.

Criteria for Selection:



The uniqueness of the product and its superiority in comparison with similar or alternative products in the market. This includes incremental and radical innovations.


The extent to which the innovation sufficiently addresses the problem it seeks to solve at a cost or model that is accessible to the target market and can generate profits or is self-sustainable.


The extent to which the solution can be easily applied to other similar markets beyond the applicant’s immediate or local environment.

Social Impact

The ability of the innovation to create or effect positive and desirable benefit beyond profit within the target community and other stakeholders.

Technical Aspects

The technical specifications of the innovation are grounded on established science and sufficiently address anticipated product risks.